Debt Enforcement

By Oct 13, 2015
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Debt Enforcement is an additional step that Lenders and Banks use at the end of their Revenue Cycle. When borrower accounts are not resolved Banks and Lenders will forward accounts to Debt Enforcement to force communication. Debt Enforcement’s resolves accounts when borrowers ignore their past-due loan payments and avoid contact with their Bank or Lender. Debt Enforcements will file a claim with each borrower's local court who will inform borrowers they have a legal obligation to pay their past-due loan. Debt Enforcements will attempt to contact borrowers to resolve their obligation prior to filing the claim and provide every opportunity for patients to resolve their account throughout the process. Depending on the type of loan, Debt Enforcements will recover 20-40% more revenue. 


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Why use a Debt Enforcement Service and not a Collection Agency

  • Debt Enforcements will litigate accounts that traditional collection agencies ignore.
  • You will recover 20-40% more debt using the claims filing system in addition to our communication services.
  • We don’t threaten, belittle, argue or lie.
  • If your borrower does not communicate we file a claim.
  • No pressure or excessive calling in the communication process, this reduces borrower complaints.
  • There are no upfront fees.
  • 23 years experience in Revenue Cycle Management for some of the nation’s largest institutions.


About Us

Debt Enforcements is a division of (VM) Vinton Moss, a San Francisco, CA debt recovery corporation. VM has been recovering loan receivables since 1991. Debt Enforcements is the only company in the U.S who has automated the claims filing process in 7 states. Debt Enforcements currently employs forty-seven full-time employees.


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Debt Enforcements

Levon Moss, Vice President, Business Development

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